Sunday, September 18, 2005

Song of the Week 9/16/05

Night Ranger - "Sister Christian"

There are times where I really look--or, more appropriately--listen intently to music anywhere I might be, trying to find that song that will pop up on my radar and announce itself as the Song of the Week. This week I was pretty sure it would end up being the Rolling Stones new single "Rough Justice" since I heard the song two mornings this week and I just got the new Stones disc A Bigger Bang. (And no, I have no idea if it's good. I haven't gotten the chance to spin it yet.)

But then Friday night, after yet another week that felt like a year, I sat down at a barstool at Great Lakes in my old haunt of 5th ave in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Within 15 minutes of getting a Rolling Rock, the jukebox cranked out "Sister Christian," and suddenly all the crap that has made the past two weeks hell melted away for those five minutes and two seconds. It's amazing how much healing power there is in cheesy nostalgia, especially in these lines:

"Sister Christian, there's so much in life
Don't you give it up before your time is due
It's true, it's true, yeah."

Um, those lyrics look really stupid in print. Hearing is much better than reading.

(Oh, and I didn't mention Boogie Nights once, so there.)

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