Sunday, July 08, 2007

Song of the Week 7/6/07

Egghead. - "Sukeban Deka"

Remember this post?

Well, it happened Thursday. (And I didn't pay a dime.) And it couldn't have been any better. I would write more, but I'm still overwhelmed by how life-fulfilling a night it was at Lost and Found in Greenpoint. I recall saying to someone during the show that it was like going to a high school reunion, but you actually were happy to see everyone and spend a night in their company. And after taking part in an ending of sorts last week, seeing a reunion was a perfect counterpoint to my last entry.

I can't believe it, but my memories of "Sukeban Deka" had faded over the years. I had forgotten how kick ass of an ending it was. And watching singer-bassist John Bowie pick up his mic stand and hold it up to the crowd is a mental picture that will make me smile until I'm on my death bed.

Sometimes, life is all worth it. I mean, look at this grainy photo of joy (courtesy Joe S.'s cell phone):

(From left to right: Egghead single and album artist Dave Palmer; drummer Mike Faloon; superfan (and bootlegger of that night's show) Joe S.; singer-bassist John Bowie; Go Metric contributor and The In Crowd drummer Brian Cogan; singer-guitarist Johnny Reno; and GenTech vice president Clifford Nash.)

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