Monday, June 05, 2006

Song of the Week 6/2/06

Egghead. - "Donna's Always Mad at Me"

I saved Egghead. and tons of Neil Young for the end of "Listen to Everything in My Itunes" project. (I finished this morning, finally.) Egghead. was a band comprised of three of my best friends in the world -- singer-guitarist Mike Galvin (a.k.a. Johnny Reno), singer-bassist John Bowie and drummer Mike Faloon. Part of my reason for moving to New York was so I could see them play more often. They played smart punk/power-pop songs, were lots and lots of fun to see and pretty much were always in my musical thoughts. Heck, I wrote liner notes for their posthumous compilation Dumb Songs For Smart People -- and even produced a limited edition box set of their six year career with a really big booklet that took a lot of time to figure out how to copy correctly.

"Donna's Always Made at Me" was instantly one of my favorite songs when I first heard it. (I think in 1994 at an Ithaca gig? Or was in it 1995 at Spiral? Someone help me out in the comments.) And hearing it in its studio and live versions over the past week was like welcoming an old friend back home, one that was a bit less jaded and had a lot less damage done to his liver and couldn't stop smiling and laughing at every Egghead. show.

I paid a lot to see the Pixies reunite--I'd pay a lot more for one more Egghead. show.

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Carlo said...

eMust have been back in '93 when I received an Egghead. tape called "Peer Pressure and Satan" in the mail. Barely touching the largely unknown "Internet", I put a request for "garage bands" to send me their tapes and I received a few and rather interesting submissions. But one of my favorites was this Egghead. tape. Started a band years later and made them learn "Hong Kong" ( Fond memories forever.