Saturday, March 09, 2013

Song of the Week 3/8/13

Duran Duran - "Save a Prayer"

On Thursday I was searching through Amazon's MP3 store for bargains. I came across the expanded edition of Rio for 5.99 and knew I had to buy it because it had the U.S. remixes of the title track and "Hungry Like the Wolf." I listened to the 29 tracks in the collection over the past two days and found myself comparing the album version of "Save a Prayer" and the Arena version that was a U.S. single (and the version I liked best as a teenager). This morning I put VH1 Classic on and wouldn't you know that they played the studio "Save a Prayer" video.

(They followed it up with the the's "This is the Day," which was *awesome*. I had no idea that Wix from Paul McCartney's band plays in the the. But there he is, jamming on the accordion.)

Here's the studio version:

Here's the live version that was a single in 1984:

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