Monday, November 23, 2009

Song of the Week 11/20/09

Chris Bell - "I Am the Cosmos"

Big Star's show at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple was pretty damn good Wednesday night. Alex Chilton seemed invested in his own songs, Jody Stephens overcame a couple of flubs behind the drum kit, and The PosiesJon Auer and Ken Stringfellow, well, they did a great job filling the shoes of the late Chris Bell and the retired-from-music Andy Hummell. Auer’s vocal on “I Am the Cosmos” (the Big Star-ish title track from Bell’s only solo album) was particularly breathtaking, leaving my friend Vanessa stunned by his talent. The night would have been a complete success if I hadn’t caught Vanessa’s cold.

See for yourself:

BONUS: Here's the Posies Frosting on the Beater lineup tackling it. (You can find their studio version on Dream All Day: The Best Of The Posies.)

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