Monday, November 02, 2009

RT 20 Podcast 02: Mike Faloon

Mike Faloon is the editor of Go Metric, the co-editor of Zisk with your truly, the drummer for Egghead. and has been a friend of mine for over 22 years. We met at our college orientation--Mike approached me because I was the guy wearing a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' 1987 tour shirt. Mike has not only been a great friend ever since, he's also been one of the most influential people of my musical life. There are tons of artists he introduced me to as the music director of our college station WICB.

This podcast sets the template for most of the ones you'll hear until mid-December. We talk about five albums that changed Mike's life that were released during the past 20 years. Well...Mike's list is sort of like that. Listen and you'll see.

Once again, to download through iTunes click here. To download the MP3, click here and then click on the MP3 button.

PS: This features the best podcast sponsorship of the lot of them. Thanks to my pals Eric Holland (who does this one), Scott Wells and Victor Lisle for the use of their vocal talents.

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