Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Song of the Week 7/24/09

Ingrid Michaelson - "Maybe"

I've written about Ms. Michaelson in the past on the blog and the RT20 about how she's such an entertaining interview subject. I spoke with her once again last week for her upcoming album Everybody. And for someone who's so witty and charming in an interview (and afterwards) as well as on stage, it's still surprising to me that she writes some of the darkest songs about relationships of any artist I've come in contact with the past few years. Everybody is--lyically at least--one downer of an album.

Michaelson told me that Everybody is an album about how "love is not enough to keep a relationship going." She wasn't kidding, as song after song is about relationships getting blown apart. "Maybe" closes the album on a kind of uplifting note (which was by design to soften the blow of all the bummers that come before it). It's perhaps her slickest production yet, and that's probably why I found myself humming it over and over again the past seven days.

Upon futher reflection, a chorus that goes "maybe in the future you're gonna come back" ain't so uplifting. But at least it's got a mass of Michaelsons sining the chorus. She does an incredible job of hamonizing with herself. I could listen to her do harmonies all day.

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