Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Song of the Week 7/31/09

The Moody Blues - "The Voice"

I've found myself relying more and more on one on the iPhone's most basic of features as the months have gone on--the notepad. No longer do I have to rely on stuffing numerous tiny pieces of paper in my front pocket so I would remember what tasks mundane or however difficult I had to tackle in any given day.

With this new found ability I was able to write down a bunch of the songs I had forgotten about that were featured in the CBS-FM Z to A countdown last month. One of those tracks was The Moody Blues "I'm Just a singer in a rock and roll band." I got around to downloading the track, and hearing it brought back a ton of of classic rock memories. I knew "Nights in White Satin" from it being a hit when I was a kid. And when I really got into Albany's AOR station PYX 106, the Moodys were a band I got into quickly because songs like "Tuesday Afternoon" and "Legend of a mind" were cut from the same cloth.

I ended up buying the cassette you see above in the fall of 1985. To my surprise I knew one song on it that PYX rarely played, "The Voice." It was a Top 15 hit in 1981 and I must have heard it a couple of times on either WGY out of Schenectady or WDRC out of Hartford. I was so psyched hearing this tune again. I was, dare I write it, nostalgic for 1981 in 1985. Ah what a weird kid I was...and still am today.

As soon as I saw "The Voice" listed in the audio database at work, I knew I had to have it. 12 listens later and I'm still hooked on that sound that--I will readily admit--hasn't quite stood the test of time.

BONUS: Here's a weird version of "The Voice" on a UK talk show from 1981. Justin Hayward is singing live and the guitar sounds live--yet the drums sound pre-recorded. Hmm.

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