Monday, October 29, 2007

Song of the Week 10/26/07

Talking Heads - "(Nothing But) Flowers"

This should be filed under Video of the Week actually. I was reading the great Lost in the 80s blog and they did an entry about True Stories and the "Love For Sale" video (which is damn great its own damn self). After playing the clip once, YouTube brought up other related clips. Among them was "(Nothing But) Flowers" and its use of text that predates Van Halen's "Right Now" by many years.

I watched this clip at least twice a day over the past five days. And wasn't even like I was trying to blow off work. I simply got hooked on it. Heck, I watched it yet again after putting in the embed link in this entry. I vaguely remember seeing the video on 120 Minutes in 1988. But 19 years of drinking made me forget that David Byrne was born in Scotland and that Kirsty MacColl and Johnny Marr with both in the clip. Just another brilliant piece of art from Byrne and company.


Patient Boy said...

Sure you weren't trying to blow off work. Sure.

Figgsrock2 said...

For once, I was telling the truth. Last week was the start of 6 weeks of an overloaded work burden. So I am pretty focused on my job.

After that, I'll go back to being as lazy as usual.

Jonah said...

i don't think this was ever released to the general public. more david byrne being awesome.

Erich Scholz said...

This is such an unusual tune...I guess a major label didn't mind putting this out back in '88. At least David Byrne has remained relatively consistent through the years...unlike Johnny Marr -- who is, however, totally entertaining.