Saturday, October 13, 2007

Song of the Week 10/12/07

Nada Surf - "Killian's Red"

Thanks to the good folks at Union Hall (You're the best Michelle! And Skippy, you're pretty awesome too) I got the chance to check out my favorite Brooklyn trio at their semi-secret tour warmup show last night. I went with Moria the concert pal, and when the band started this song, I had to lean forward and tell her that I always thought of her when I listened to this song.

For those who know the track, you must be thinking, "Damn, that's a pretty cold thing to say to a woman." That couldn't be further from the truth. My mind has linked Moria to "Killian's Red" because of a story she told me one time that involved the song. I won't go into any detail about the tale (I'm all for privacy, current administration be damned). All I will say that it is a bummer of a story, and that is something I can relate to on many levels.

As for the song itself (for those who have never heard it), it is perhaps the darkest set of words on Let Go. And considering this is the same album that contains "Inside of Love" that is really saying something. The ominous guitar figure that Matthew Caws lays down during the lengthy (more than a minute) intro foreshadows a tale of wanting, loss and cheap beer at a Brooklyn bar. There's a line that always, always gets me in this song: "I almost love this town/When I'm by your side." The second time that couplet comes around in the song you can feel Caws choking on his raw emotion when he delivers it. Then he when howls "siiiiiiide" directly after it, well, its one of those few goosebump moments encoded on a CD.

Eventually every track on Let Go will be a Song of the Week. You can bet on it.

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