Friday, September 28, 2007

Song of the Week 9/28/07

Bruce Springsteen - "Long Walk Home"

I stayed home a bit later than usual today to watch Springsteen and the E Street Band on the Today show. I made it through the cringe-worthy interview by Matt Lauer to see Bruce and the band looking pretty well rehearsed. The highlight was easily the double shot of "Last to Die" and "Long Walk Home." This one-two punch will likely become a highlight of the tour and is part of the closing quartet of songs on Magic that grow greater with each listen. "Long Walk Home" seems to be a young cousin to "My Hometown," with its description of a small town with its closed diners and flags flying at half mast over a courthouse. I really underestimated Magic in my first few listens. Now that my head is past the muddled production, the subtle message about the state of our country is revealing itself with each new listen.

BONUS: A longer version (with two extra verses) of "Long Walk Home" was unveiled near the end of the Seeger Sessions Band tour. I think that it's found a much better home as an E Street Band song, but decide for yourself:

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