Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Song of the Week 9/14/07

Wilco - "Too Far Apart"

So I had to fly all the way to Austin to hear this song played live? And to see Jeff Tweedy wear a cowboy hat?

You know, maybe the hat was worth the trip alone.

When Tweedy and company broke out this track from A.M., I was simply stunned. It took until the chorus to register that I was seeing Wilco do a song I had never seen them do live. And this is a band I have seen over 20 times the past 10 years. I looked over at my friend Stacy with my mouth agape, and then found myself singing along.

"Too Far Apart" was part of a tremendous set that was miles away from the last time I saw Wilco in Austin, back on September 22nd, 2001. Flying down to visit Stacy would have been nerve-wracking at any time (my fear of flying was at its peak then), but 1o days after watching the towers fall was almost impossible. (Thanks to my friend, beer, I was able to do so.) Once I got to Austin I was still in a daze from all that had happened the previous week and a half. And when Wilco hit the stage the next night, they seemed like they were in a daze. They were playing only their second ever show as a four piece and the hole left by Jay Bennett's departure seemed too vast for them to overcome. Its still the worst Wilco gig I've ever seen.

This time Wilco in Austin was a joyous experience and easily slides into my Top 5 Wilco shows ever. Ah, what a difference six years makes.

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