Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Song of the Week 9/7/07

Bruce Springsteen - "Radio Nowhere"

Yeah, I know, its not hip to like Bruce and the E Street Band, but I still do. I first heard "Radio Nowhere" four weeks ago when one of the promo folks at Columbia dropped by to play it for us. I thought it was okay, but certainly not a good as The Rising tracks "Lonesome Day" or "Further on Up the Road." Yet I found myself humming it again and again that afternoon.

When the track leaked a week later I of course downloaded it and listened a few more times. It was then I realized its riff sounded suspiciously like Tommy Tutone's "867-5309 (Jenny)." I love that song, but I certainly don't need to hear Bruce ripping that off.

Then last week iTunes offered up a free download of "Radio Nowhere." Having the track in clear fidelity did something to my brain. I could not stop humming it at home, on the subway or at my office. Its not even that good of a song, yet there was no stopping my subconscious.

Oh well--we've had much worse choices for Song of the Week before, and I'm sure we will again.

As for Springsteen's new album Magic, I'd give it an early grade of C+; its slightly better than Human Touch and Lucky Town, but it sounds like any band could be playing behind him with Brendan O'Brien's muddled production.

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