Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Song of the Week 7/27/07

Ryan Adams - "Goodnight Rose"

Sometimes I think to myself, "Gosh, for a 37 year old guy, I'm a bit susceptible to outside forces influencing my life." I could write a book about how that applies to various parts of my life, but for now I'll stick with how that applies to the Song of the Week.

When I first listened to Ryan Adams' Easy Tiger, I dismissed it rather quickly. "There's nothing new here and it sounds like some rejects from Gold," I thought. Then my pillars of public radio -- WFUV here in New York and WXPN in Philadelphia --changed my opinion bit by bit. It seemed like one station or the other were playing Easy Tiger album tracks for most of this amazing summer. And all these spins seeped into my head somehow. The second time I listened to Easy Tiger it still seemed familiar, yet now it was in a good "these chicken wings at Bonnie's are just as good as the first 200 times I've eaten them" kind of way.

The public radio brainwashing reached its apex last week as I heard"Goodnight Rose" every single morning. I kept thinking it was a track from one of the 200 other albums Adams has released this century. Nope, it was Easy Tiger again.

If I ever date a woman named Rose, she's going to get sick of this song really quick.

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