Monday, July 23, 2007

Song of the Week 7/20/07

Kiss - "Love Gun"

I was certain this week's SOTW would be something by Electric Six. All the determining factors were there: my friend Dave was coming to New York for the first time in a decade to see them twice; we were going to see them play on a boat; and the band had just announced the release date of their new album. Yet when I saw Dave at Penn Station on Thursday wearing a Love Gun shirt, that song popped into my head and didn't leave. In fact, it's still kicking around in my skull four days later. Thankfully I could only remember the drum roll and the band screaming "Loooooove Gun, Loooooooooove Gun" and none of these dumb lyrics:

"I really love you baby
I love what you've got
Let's get together, we can get hot
No more tomorrow, baby, time is today
Girl, I can make you feel, okay"

Oh yeah, that's some pure Gene Simmons marketing genius there.

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