Monday, September 01, 2008

Song of the Week 8/29/08

Neil Young - "The Loner"

It would be more factually correct to make the artist for this Song of the Week The Figgs, but no one has posted a YouTube clip of their mind-blowing version of this song they broke out at the Knitting Factory Friday night. I didn't expect it at all, which made it even more incredible. It had to be one of the Top 5 moments I've ever experienced at a Figgs show. (And there have been over 80 shows now.) Mike Gent, Pete Donnelly and Pete Hayes just rocked the hell out of it, while keyboardist Scott Janovitz absolutely nailed the keyboard parts that Young discarded after he recorded the song for his 1969 self-titled solo debut.

I don't know what else to write. It was one of those rock moments that can probably never be duplicated. I don't even remember the two songs they played afterwards.

BONUS 1: Here is Neil tackling the song earlier this year in Amsterdam.

BONUS 2: My friend Eric went with me to the show, and he knew how mind-blowing it was for me to see my favorite ever band do a song by my favorite ever solo artist. Below he chimes in with his own review from the Holland Tunnel.


Sallybats said...

I almost made the trip from Cape May to NYC for this show. If it wasn't our last night there, I would have. Oh well, at least I saw them do "Don't Be Denied".
Coming to the 2 Philly area shows in October?
-Sal C

Figgsrock2 said...

Nope, going up to Albany the weekend before. Hometown shows are always great.