Monday, September 15, 2008

Song of the Week 9/12/08

The Zombies - "Care of Cell 44"

It's been a Zombies' couple of weeks here at the ol' Reynolds office in Brooklyn. Moria the concert pal and I went to benefit concert headlined by Nada Surf a couple of weeks ago. Sam Champion was also on the bill, and they did a cover of the Odessey and Oracle track "This Will be Our Year." I hadn't heard the original--and considering the concert pal was seriously considering it as her future wedding song--so I needed to borrow a copy of the album from someone at the office posthaste. And damn, Odessey and Oracle definitely lives up to all the critical kudos its gotten. What a pop masterpiece. And I may steal Moria's wedding song idea when I get hitched. (Sorry MM.)

Thursday night I stopped by Sample to see two of my good friends, Heather and Vanessa, have a beer or two, and give each of them a copy of a certain singer's new album. As I sat down a song came on that sounded familiar. It was Susanna Hoffs singing, yet it wasn't The Bangles. By the second time Vanessa had played the song (and jumped around while it was playing) I had to know what it was. She explained it was Susanna Hoffs and Matthew Sweet covering The Zombies "Care of Cell 44." That's when it all made sense. I owned that Sweet and Hoffs album Under the Covers Vol. 1, and I had just been listening to that Zombies track Thursday morning on the F train.

Mystery solved--Song of the Week found.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant track and album... The *Zombie Heaven* boxset is a must-own!!!