Monday, December 17, 2007

Tri-Songs of the Week 12/14/07

Three Figgs shows, three Songs of the Week.

The Figgs - "To Be Announced"

Friday night guitarist Mike Gent surprised me by pulling out a new acoustic guitar and leading the band through an acoustic encore. I hoped that they would do this acoustic-tinged gem from For EP Fans Only and they didn't let me down.

The Gravel Pit - "Sucking on a Holiday Treat"
The Figgs learned a cover of this great Christmas song in hopes that Pit frontman Jed Parish might sing part of it at their Brooklyn show. Alas, he didn't show. I liked the version they did Saturday in Staten Island the best, mostly because I got to hold both lyric sheets.

The Figgs - "1000 People Grinning"
In my intro to the band Sunday night at Magnetic Field, I mentioned how this song written by drummer Pete Hayes never failed to make me smile. As a part of the acoustic set, it did once again.

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