Sunday, June 10, 2007

Song of the Week 6/8/07

Paul McCartney - "Dance Tonight"

Yup, Paul McCartney. A man, pardon me, a BEATLE (caps required) who hasn't released a single song in the past decade that I've given more than one cursory listen to. A man who has just released his finest album in 25 years (I'm still a sucker for Tug of War). Memory Almost Full (and this is not a full review, just a first impression) sounds like McCartney wanted to make an album made for the iPod that sampled his entire solo career. I've listened to it through regular speakers and it just doesn't have the same impact. But my oh my, its an incredibly addictive pop gem when I'm riding on the F train with the headphones cranked. Some songs remind me of the 1980 quirky entirely solo work McCartney II, others of the great Wings single "Junior's Farm" and at other moments XTC and (I swear) Guided by Voices. This week I couldn't stop listening to "Dance Tonight." Its one of the three weakest songs on the album, yet the mandolin hook kept bringing me back.

If I had to nominate the most surprising Song of the Week--perhaps ever--this one would be it.
(And hey, Natalie Portman looks cute in that video.)

My junior year roommate Hank has it as his SOTW as well--he sent me this email the other day.

"I had to pick up the CD when it was released for two reasons - 1) I was driving to Philly for the day. 2) Its a new Paul McCartney cd.

As soon as I played the first track Cindy [Hank's wife] adopted 'Dance Tonight' as the song for the baby. As apparently babies an hear music in the womb. She constantly plays the song over and over when driving, when she wakes up and when just in the house. Apparently the baby has responded well to that song (as well as the third track, 'Sunshine').

I know it is a simple song, which to your point, has a great hook.

I also dig 'Mr. Bellamy' from the album as it is pretty artsy."

I do believe this is the first time a baby and I have ever agreed on anything.

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