Sunday, March 25, 2007

Song of the Week 3/23/07

Hoodoo Gurus - "Like-Wow Wipeout"

The Police. Genesis. Hoodoo Gurus.

Okay, the first two are selling tens of thousands of tickets because they reunited for the first time in many years. But I was absolutely ecstatic to see the third act return to the U.S. after a 14 year absence. I was so excited that I even went to B.B. King's (blech) in Times Square (double blech) to see them. For a band marking the 25 year anniversary of their debut single, they rocked just as hard as groups half their age. And seeing "Like-Wow Wipeout" in a New York club was thrilling. I couldn't help but scream along to these words frontman Dave Faulkner penned about the band's first trip to the Big Apple:

"I kiss the ground on which you walk,
I kiss the lips through which you talk,
I kiss the city of New York where I first met you."

As a bonus, here's the very colorful video:

They're supposedly coming back in October. There were so good that I would skip a Mets playoff game to see them again.

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