Sunday, January 07, 2007

Song of the Week 1/5/07

The Pipettes - "Pull Shapes"

I always enjoy the beginning of a new year because my creative rush of listening to 20 albums over and over again for ye old list is over; they're aren't a lot of good albums that come out in thefirst month of a new year; and I usually get a chance to hear something from the previous year that I missed. I heard The Pipettes for the very first time on Tuesday when I did a little bit of new music exploring courtesy of This former terrestial station has gotten even better musically in its Internet run. I heard "Pull Shapes" within 10 minutes of cranking up the WOXY stream. This sonic flashback to when people didn't think murder the first time they heard Phil Spector's name is just pure fun. Strings, handclaps, massed female vocals and a snappy backbeat--did this come out in 2006 or 1966? Think The Ronettes crossed with Banarama (this vocal trio is British, and the one wearing glasses is hot) and you'll know their exact sound.

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