Saturday, January 13, 2007

Song of the Week 1/12/07

Styles P - "G Joint"

Styles P made a killer single over four years ago called "Good Times" that I heard all the time pumping out of cars in Brooklyn. It's sped up hook of "I wanna get high, high, high" rattled around my brain for a month or so. It took four years for Styles P to make a follow-up, and it took me four weeks to actually drop the new album, Time Is Money, into my iTunes. So one night this week I'm listening to a playlist of stuff that I hadn't spun yet, with Styles P at the top. I hit play when I stepped onto the F train, then thought I had ripped in a bum CD. The opening of Asia's "Only Time Can Tell" was in my ears, not Styles P. After 10 seconds, I took the iPod out of my pcoket, and then heard someone talking over those distintive Asia keyboards. Then bam, Styles P starts rapping over a wicked sample about raps crew that suck. Wow, what a mindblower. At the end of each verse the Asia sample -- hell, it's just a big chunk of the song -- comes back in. In theory, this weird track shouldn't make any sense, yet I couldn't stop playing it. One night I had either a Rangers or Islanders game on, and from my kitchen I heard the opening of "Only Time Will Tell." I had to rush into my living room just to see if, for some reason, they were going to play the Styles P cut. Alas, they didn't.

In conclusion, I hope Styles P doesn't wait four years to make his next solo album--and that he samples something from Yes's 90125.

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