Monday, March 12, 2012

Songs of the Week 3/9/12

Madonna - "Take a Bow"

I end each edition of Party Like It's 1999 with a few slow songs (or, slow jams, as the kids like to say) to mellow out the crowd and to signify that the night is over. I played "Take a Bow" this most recent edition, and I found myself humming the chorus the past few days. This song was the key to my getting back into Madonna. I was a massive fan of her first two albums, and then promptly ignored her catalog once I got into classic rock in high school. I flat out despised "Like a Prayer" when it hit the airwaves when I was in college. (I've grown to respect that song--and album--over the years.)

I thought "Vogue" was a while bunch of fun, but that "Justify My Love" and the Erotica album were pieces of crap. When I got a free copy of Bedtime Stories (somehow I scored my way on to the Sire Records mailing list in 1992) in 1994 I didn't expect to like it, but once I heard "Take a Bow" I knew that it was a keeper.

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