Sunday, March 25, 2012

Song of the Week 3/23/12

Delta Spirit - "Empty House"

One of the things I've enjoyed about becoming a big Delta Spirit fan is that they're a band not afraid to perform new material long before it's released. (That's a rarity these days in the age of YouTube.) When History From Below was released in 2010 it already felt familiar as I had seen them play six songs from it live at various gigs. The band's new self-titled album includes three songs that I'd seen them perform before, including the album opener "Empty House." It's a perfect song to get the album going as it bridges the gap between the sound of their first two records and the new, slightly more-produced vibe of this third one. Matt Vasquez has such great pipes; his vocals are always straddling the line between singing and yelling one's throat raw with passion. And this song sees him balance those two sides perfectly.

Here's the band running through at Lollapalooza 2011, two months before I saw them play it at ACL Fest.

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Well I really enjoyed the song a lot...your shared video is really really good...I like the way he is indulging in the guitar so grossly.