Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Song of the Week 12/3/10

The Figgs - "Racing Around"

The Figgs celebrated 10 years since the release of Sucking in Stereo by playing the entire album at two shows here over the weekend. Hearing all those songs in a row was like revisiting an old friend. No, actually, it was like revisiting myself at age 30, when I watched all these songs take shape over a year of shows and I had the energy to pogo for almost an entire set. Now, I can pogo for about 30 seconds before I start worrying about my knees.

I don't have a clip of the guys doing that song, but on Saturday at Bruar Falls in Williamsburg I did get a chance to shoot them busting into the Couldn't Get High gem "Said Enough" with its writer Guy Lyons stepping up to do vocals. It was a great moment on a night filled with them.

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