Monday, December 20, 2010

Co-Songs of the Week 12/17/10

Sweet - "Ballroom Blitz"

The B-52's - "Love Shack"

As of Saturday afternoon I was pretty sure this was going to be another Weezer-related blog entry after seeing them play Pinkerton in its entirety that night at Roseland. Yet as great as that was (one of my Top 5 concerts of the year, for certain) the time we had at Shenanigans afterwards was even more fun. Moria, Allison, Susan and I trekked there from Manhattan and were joined by Heather to enjoy a few hours of karaoke with Eddie Mac. As I planned, I did Weezer's "Say It Ain't So." What I had not planned on was Susan signing us up to do "Love Shack." Even I was surprised at the quality of my Fred Schneider impression. It sort of went like this:

Okay, it wasn't exactly like that. But it was pretty darn close.

I feel like I'm kind of accepted by the Shenanigans crowd and staff now as a regular: Eddie Mac came over and shook my hand and remembered my name; I got a buyback; and one of the great singing regulars, Erin, grabbed me to say "You missed my birthday party two weeks ago. You should see the cake." She showed me a picture of the cake -- it looked like a leather jacket, and it seriously looked too good to eat. After that conversation Allison said to me, "That's the woman that does 'Ballroom Blitz' so well." In my somewhat altered state I said, "Well, maybe we can get her to do it again." After Erin sang, I grabbed her and said everyone needed to see the pic of her birthday cake -- and that my friends loved it when she sang "Ballroom Blitz." Erin totally was into changing her second song and nailed it. It didn't look like this, but it sounded this good:

It was a fantastic night with a great group of women. More Shenanigans will have to be had in '11.

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