Monday, May 10, 2010

Song of the Week 5/7/10

Aerosmith - "What It Takes"

Weird things can happen with music. Case in point is this SOTW.

Spring 1990: My roommate Hank and I have a party in our garden apartment on the IC campus. We're drinking with our friends, spinning different albums. "What It Takes" comes on, and in a fit of drunken stupidity, I turn around and decide I needed to lipsynch it to the nearest woman. That happens to be my friend Lisa, who is a native of New Hampshire. I give a devastating performance that I am sure all of my friends that were at the party can still recall to this day. Heck, it became a running gag for many, many years after that initial Steven Tyler impression.

Spring 2010: I'm in a car riding around (wait for it) New Hampshire, listening to WZLX out of Boston play a rock block of Aerosmith. For some reason Allison (also a New Hampshire native) mentions that "What It Takes" is one of her favorite Aerosmith songs. Stunned, I tell her that its one of mine as well and explain the story above. I added that the song was kind of obscure and it would be doubtful that any radio station played it these days. She disagreed, saying that it wasn't that obscure. The next day another Aerosmith block comes on WZLX, and I'll be damned if they don't play "What It Takes." (Alas, Allison was not as excited as me, especially when I turned up the station to a volume that would deafen most normal people.)

BONUS: I had totally forgotten there were two videos made for this song.

Here's the initial "in the studio" version:

And here's the "concept" version:

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