Sunday, May 02, 2010

Song of the Week 4/28/10

Wilson Phillips - "Hold On"

My friend Jodie and I have had a long time bond over the delivery of humor. Specifically, the concept of doing anything to make a joke work or to keep it going forward long past a sensible expiration date. We've adhered to that motto for 15 years now, to varying degrees of success. Sometime my efforts have paid off in big laughs; others...ah, not so much.

I guess that preamble (or ramble) is part of my explanation of why on Derby Day I stood on stage at the Bell House while the band played and took a picture of two great ladies singing this song:

The exact reasons of 1) how I convinced the band to play the song and 2) how I ended up dating the awesome and beautiful woman on the left because of her posting the "Hold On" video on my Facebook page are better explained in person. Let me just say this--this cheesy #1 hit from 1990 has certainly been rehabilitated in my mind.

(Postscript--days after I posted this, I got dumped. Ain't life a bitch?)

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