Tuesday, December 15, 2009

RT 20 Podcast 25: Moria Miller

The last podcast before the 20th edition of the RT 20 hits the mail is with my good friend Moria Miller. I met her at the end of 2004 through a bartending friend Drew, who has since fallen out of touch. She had just moved down here from Boston and we discovered we knew some of the people from the music scene up there. I quickly realized that we also had the ability to shoot the shit via email like nobody's business. I estimate we sent about 1000 emails back and forth in the first six months we knew each other. And about 80% of those were about music. Her enthusiasm about acts that I knew but didn't pay attention to (Josh Rouse), knew one song from (Spoon) or thought I hated (Bright Eyes) or ones I already loved (Weezer) inspired me to take chances on new music more than ever before. When I got an iPod in March of '05, she was the first person I emailed because I knew she would understand why I was so excited. I probably would have gotten an iPod that year anyways, but I don't think I would have started exploring the Internet for new bands like I did that year without getting to know her. It was

Moria was also instrumental in getting me off my ass to go see shows again. And holy crap, did I see a ton of great music in 2005. That year I saw as many shows as I had in the previous four combined. It was refreshing to see new (well, new to me) acts throughout that year (The Shins, Rilo Kiley, White Stripes, Eisley) after falling into a rut where only the band I would always see was The Figgs. And I felt happy I was able to take her to see some of my favorites she had never seen before (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Paul Westerberg).

She's probably embarrassed by the above paragraphs. But I felt that I needed explain just how much her friendship did for my life that year, and the years since. So thanks, MM. I will miss having a concert pal once you leave town. (Which I know is true because she's not fated to live in Brooklyn forever like yours truly.)

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