Saturday, June 06, 2009

Song of the Week 6/5/09

The Decemberists - "Crazy on You" (Live)

I must admit that I'm not a fan of The Decemberists new album The Hazards of Love, which is why I passed twice on offers of tickets to see them at Radio City Music Hall on June 10th. Colin Meloy and company are doing the entire puzzling (and at times, pompous) concept album straight through at each show, and I'm pretty sure that would drive me to distraction.

But if I had known that at the end of the night Meloy would be using guest vocalists Shara Worden (of My Brightest Diamond) and Becky Stark (of Lavender Diamond ) -- they play key female characters on The Hazards of Love -- to tackle a great song by a fellow Northwestern band, I might have reconsidered.

Jeebus, they sing the shit out of that. I've watched it 10 times this week, and two more times just embedding it in this post. Let's hope a proper live recording is released at some point.

(HT to Stereogum and You Ain't No Picasso for discovering this gem)

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WonderGirl said...

Now there is a duet for me and Katheryn!