Monday, June 22, 2009

Song fo the Week 6/19/09

Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Who'll Stop the Rain"

I heard this song twice in the middle of the night over the past week. Thanks for pissing me off at 3am, CBS-FM. It's a question we New Yorkers have asked all throughout June.

BONUS: There's no footage of the CCR performing this song on You Tube, but there is a great clip of John Fogerty finally breaking 15 years of silence and performing CCR songs at the Vietnam Vet benefit on the Fourth of July 1987. This show is pretty legendary because Fogerty vowed to never do CCR songs again, and for him to break that vow at an event honoring a group which strongly identified with songs like "Fortunate Son"...well, by all accounts many tears were shed that day.

Bruce Springsteen likes breaking this song out at outdoor shows to reward fans waiting through inclement weather. He did it last month in Stockholm, Sweden.

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