Sunday, July 06, 2008

Song of the Week 7/4/08

a-ha - "Take on Me"

Okay, this was weird.

Since Wednesday night I've been listening to 101.1 WCBS-FM's A to Z countdown. They've been playing tons of songs I haven't heard in ages. Yesterday, as my Most Productive Holiday Weekend Ever [(C) 2008] continued, I started my long term project of dubbing over all my cassettes into digital files. This morning I was dubbing over an 80s Artists Only I did with my friend (and current Zisk co-editor) Mike Faloon on 92 WICB in May 1991. At the same time I was listening to CBS-FM in my living room while cooking breakfast. As "Take On Me" came on, I decided to go into my bedroom to see how much was left on one side of the tape. I turned the speakers up--and "Take On Me" was coming out of the computer. I did a doubletake, and realized that the "Take On Me" on the cassette was about :30 seconds ahead of the version coming out of the living room speakers.


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