Monday, April 14, 2008

Song o the Week 4/11/08

Nada Surf - "Do It Again"

Gosh, I had a whole truckload of fun at Nada Surf Friday night. I was a bit worried about how my body would hold up over a three hour show (Superdrag co-headlined), but I felt perfectly fine all night. (Well, except for the occasionally garlic nan burp. And the fact that the sound at Terminal 5 is NOT meant for rock shows. No freaking way).

I went with Moria the concert pal, and we were convinced that the show was made better by these three kids (it was an all ages show, they might have been 21) who knew every single word--even the songs from the great new disc Lucky--and danced around and took pictures like they were having the time of their young lives. Heck, they probably were having the time of their lives. Their enthusiasm was infectious and made me enjoy a show that under normal circumstances wouldn't make it onto my Top 10 concerts for the year. An added bonus was how they pissed off this snooty couple in front of us. They both looked as if they swallowed a box of sour balls. Screw them if they can't have fun.

"Do It Again" was the song I sang loudest all night. (Which seems to be a pattern, if you scroll down a bit here.) These words, which I've probably pumped my fist to at least 100 times on the subway, took on a special meaning for me that night after the past few weeks:

“Maybe this weight was a gift
Like I had to see what I could lift
I spend all my energy
Walking upright.”

BONUS: Here's Nada Surf from Friday night at Terminal 5, doing the song I always associate with the concert pal.

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