Monday, January 28, 2008

Song of the Week 1/25/08

Nada Surf - "Whose Authority"

Damn, this song is so fucking catchy. I've had an advance of Lucky since early December but put off really exploring into it until the calendar hit '08. It took a few listens, but it's really growing on me. And I credit "Whose Authority." I always thought the song was kind of odd because there are two lengthy verses before the chorus kicks in. Then one day while I was walking to a gig the chorus just hit me. I had to start pumping my fist and soundlessly mouth these words:

"On whose authority/I have none over me/on whose authority/there's none that I can see/on whose authority/I have none over me/on whose authority/nothing speaks to me/on whose authority/I have none over me"

It's hard to describe just how anthemic it is, so let's have YouTube and a guy from The Adventures of Pete and Pete explain it all:

There's a point at 1:57 in where he just throws his hands in the air as the chorus is going...and it's absolutely perfect. This song brings me that type of a moment of exhilaration. I can't explain why, I can only revel in it. Next Friday (2/8) they're playing at Bowery Ballroom and I am so excited to see them. Fist pumping and singing along for everyone!


Madeline said...

I kinda feel the same.

I wanna see them too! :D

Anonymous said...

Cool song. And nice to see 'Pete' working.