Sunday, September 24, 2006

Song of the Week 9/22/06

Bastards of Melody - "Fuck Waking Up"

Full disclosure: I work with the three guys in Bastards of Melody in the live karaoke group Bunnie England and the New Originals. But in the year or so I have been the MC for Paul, Paul and Troy, I have never seen them perform their originals as BoM. So all week I was looking forward to seeing them play a set at the Parkside Lounge in what used to be called Manhattan's Alphabet City. (The area of Ave's A through D.) And the guys did not disappoint me, delivering a strong vibrant set of songs that made me want to air guitar. Think Replacements meets Cheap Trick and you'll have an idea of what they sound like--and why I like them. Their set went great until they asked me to come up and sing "Surrender" as their last song...and I promptly forgot the words to the second verse. It must have been the lack of beer that caused it, as I've done the song at least 25 times with them and only messed it up once. Simply put, I was mortified afterwards.

The song the Bastards did before I ruined their set was "Fuck Waking Up" from their 2003 album Break Up. It's a damn good song, and one of my favorites from an album that's filled with strong tracks (and I found myself humming it when I woke up Sunday morning.). My visiting friend Nancy even got a free copy of it , just because Paul needs to clear out his basement. However, I still suggest you download it from iTunes so the guys can make some cash.

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