Monday, August 28, 2006

Song of the Week 8/25/06

Dan Hartman - "I Can Dream About You"

I must credit the great Jefito Blog for prompting this 1984 summertime hit to get stuck in my brain this week. He wrote a great piece (right here) about this song and made me discover that the version I had from Hartman's somewhat lame best of Keep the Fire Burning was not the version I was used to, it was a lengthy remix. In fact, even the album version (which Jefito had as a download) was not the version played on FLY 92 (Albany's CHR station) when I was 14 year old just making the transition from Top 40 to album rock. It was this version here:

And while doing some research, I discovered that in some parts of the country, it was this version that got played:

I never saw MTV until 1987, but I do remember seeing the top version of the video on the afternoon video show on channel 6. The bottom one (with the different vocal mix and faster tempo) I guess was the one used to promote that weird MTV inspired film Streets of Fire (which did have Diane Lane, and that's always a plus). Oddly enough, the version on the soundtrack is the "hit" one in my mind. Damn, all these different versions are giving me a headache, I must cease and desist writing about it.

I will add that in the summer of 1984, I thought this song was this shit. It's still pretty damn good today.

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