Sunday, August 13, 2006

Song of the Week 8/11/06

The Monkees - "Mary Mary"

I was born after the Monkees TV show went off the air--and I never saw MTV until 1987, long after the video channel had propelled the band's music back into the mainstream. To me, they were a band from the '60s--not a prefab band, just a band that made some good pop hits. This week Rhino is reissuing the band's first two albums--The Monkees and More of the Monkees--in deluxe two disc editions with each album in stereo and mono, along with tons of bonus tracks

These reissues are awesome.

I have listened to "Mary Mary" from More of the Monkees over and over again since I got the reissues on Thursday. I could swear I heard a cover of this song recently, perhaps the past two months, but I just cannot place it. So the original will just have to do.

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