Saturday, April 08, 2006

Song of the Week 4/7/06

Josh Rouse - "Winter in the Hamptons"

Moria the concert pal and I went to see Josh Rouse last night at Town Hall in Manhattan. It was a good show, yet kind of odd because Rouse made a big deal about having a string quartet tour with him, but he only used them on six or seven songs during a 95-minute set. It seemed as though he could have gotten more of his money's worth.

In any case, when he led the crowd into a sing-along of "Winter in the Hamptons," I started focusing on the lyrics, and a couple of lines really struck me as perfect for the way I feel right now:

"Here we go, singing our songs with our soul
The winter has gone, where do we belong
We have stayed too long"

It's been a long winter, indeed. (I"m not talking weather-wise.) And singing along with Rouse and the crowd at Town Hall felt good. Singing along with a song that has somehow mapped a direct link to your soul (or whatever it is inside us) makes some of the stress that life brings melt away.

Or maybe it was the six pints of Rolling Rock, whatever.

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