Monday, April 17, 2006

Song of the Week 4/14/06

Dio - "Rainbow in the Dark"

I wrote two stories last week that were about Ronnie James Dio. That's about two more stories than I write in a whole year about Ronnie James Dio. The metal midget (seriously, he's about 5' 2") had his wife put out a statement that he wasn't reuniting with Black Sabbath this year, and in fact, he was going to be out promoting his new Holy Diver Live album. Yes, it's that classic 1983 album, done live. Whew, talk about the well running dry.

In any case, I listened to the three Dio songs I have on my Ipod on the way back to Brooklyn Friday night and eventually found myself in Great Lakes. This was the first indie rock bar in Park Slope, so you expect to hear Death Cab for Cutie, Pixies, punk, etc. So I was a bit stunned when "Rainbow in the Dark" came blasting out of the jukebox. And what was even funnier is that some guy all the way at the front of the bar started singing along as loud as I did (well, as loud as I wanted to--that dude was loud). Raising up the devil horns (pictured above) never felt so good.

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