Friday, February 03, 2006

Song of the Week 2/3/06

Brandi Carlile - "Throw It All Away"

I've written in the past about albums that I missed the first time around, and Seattle youngster (and cutie, as you can see) Brandi Carlile's self-titled debut is no exception. I listened to once and dismissed it as another clone in the Sheryl Crow/Lucinda Williams vein. But over the past couple of months WFUV has been spinning various tracks, and one morning last week the morning jock Claudia Marshall played "Throw It All Away" and something just clicked. At that point I'd already put the album in the giveaway stack ages ago, so I had to go to Itunes that day and download it. Then I proceeded to listen to this tearjeaker of a song over and over. Something about Carlile's passioned delivery of the chorus slays me every time. Of course, this song isn't one of the two singles Carlile's label has released, so props to WFUV once again for playing another hidden gem.

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