Saturday, February 18, 2006

Song of the Week 2/17/06

Josh Rouse - "It Looks Like Love"

Mr. Rouse has done it again, creating another batch of 10 great songs about love, loneliness and...Spain? The first U.S. single from his upcoming album Subtitulo--a title influenced by Rouse's new Spanish home--was one of the highlights of his acoustic show a few weeks back. It's damn catchy, and it seems as though our Josh has gotten over his divorce and found a new squeeze. After listening (cough, illegally recording from the internet, cough) the album on Thursday, I had to listen to it again on the way home. And then when I was checking my email late that night, I saw I had gotten an email about a pre-sale of tix for Josh's Town Hall show on April 7th. As I was texting Moria the concert pal about this news, "It Looks Like Love" came on WFUV. Really, these folks (especially those at the World Cafe) seem to know my musical brain a little too well.

April 7th can't get here soon enough. (Same for March 21st, Subtitulo's proper release date.)

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