Saturday, December 17, 2005

Song of the Week 12/16/05

John Hiatt - "Cry Love"

This Song of the Week is somewhat of a mystery to me. I heard it Friday on WFUV, and it jogged my memory that I sang along to it at home at some point this week. But when -- or why -- I have no idea. Was it played on Monday's episode of Arrested Development? Was it on the previous week's episode? Was it featured in some crappy movie I saw while flipping through the channels and cooking up my dinner? Could this be the onset of Alzheimer's?

In any case, it's a pretty great tune from a guy who has written his share of classics, and it's easily the best song on Hiatt's 1995 solid album Walk On. But damn, I wish I could remember when I heard it that first time this week.

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