Saturday, February 12, 2005

Song of the Week 2/11/05

The Gentlemen - “Flame For Hire”

Life always gets better when The Gentlemen release a new album. Their third disc, Brass City Band, takes a slightly different tack than the hard rock bluster of Ladies and Gentlemen or Blondes Prefer the Gentlemen. The guys from Boston explore more of their love of the Faces and Rolling Stones this time, with the Stones worship never more apparent on “No Need to Leave” and “Flame for Hire.” Starting out with a riff that Keith Richards probably has a patent on, “Flame” would fit snugly on It’s Only Rock and Roll or Black and Blue. I just couldn’t stop playing this song over and over this week, even though I’m not sure what the lyrics mean in the slightest (except for the part about clearing snow off the porch). You can get this album now through the band’s website.
[If you’d like a FREE MP3 of the song, right click on the title above and hit Save Target As.]

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Jay said...


I wanted to leave a comment for 2 reasons.

1) No one else had and I felt someone had to start
2) I was too lazy to jump from here to my email to send you a message. (Talk about super lazy!)

Anyway, glad to see new Gentlemen out there so it's no surprise that you'd put it up as song of the week, but thanks for the free mp3 as well. Makes ears happy.

Also, I am listening to a band called WATERSHED out of Columbus. The new record just kicks ass. 11 songs in 31 minutes and each one is awesome! It's called The Fifth of July on Idol Records and it just screams Steve. In fact on the bio, Hammell On Trial gives this quote:
"Watershed is like Soul Asylum, but like Soul Asylum when they were good, before they got run over by a Runaway Train". Sums it up perfectly. Find this.