Thursday, June 02, 2011

Song of the Week 5/27/11

Lady Gaga - "The Edge of Glory"

You might be asking yourself, "WTF," as the kids lingo goes these days. Yes, I bought the Born This Way. IT WAS 99 CENTS PEOPLE. Seriously, how much of a risk is it to buy a digital download of an entire album when it's that cheap. It's not a great album by any standard, but it does have some excellent moments. The half-sung in German "Schei├če" is a hoot and the Madonna-ripping title track is decent. But holy cow, "Edge of Glory" is the best 1986 song that I've heard since, well, 1986. Imagine a single from a sports-themed 80s flick like Vision Quest or Rocky III with a sax solo by the E Street Band's Clarence Clemons. You have just created this song in your mind. I, without any irony whatsoever, love it.

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