Friday, May 20, 2011

Song of the Week 5/13/11

Okkervil River - "Wake and Be Fine"

My first exposure to this track came FIVE months ago when Will Sheff and co did the song on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. I have to say, I didn't like it. And I didn't like the studio version I finally heard last month. Then I heard Sheff play an acoustic version of it on WNYC's Soundcheck Wednesday afternoon. With the many, many, MANY layers of production stripped away my ears grasped the basics of the song. Since that moment I've come 180 degrees on "Wake and Be Fine" and I Am Very far as a whole. It's an album that is the very definition of a grower.

And how can you not like a deluxe version of an album that comes in a pine box?

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