Sunday, August 29, 2010

Song of the Week 8/27/10

Cee-Lo Green - "Fuck You"

So I started this post on Monday morning, but new stuff kept being written about this marvelous Cee-Lo track that I felt like I had to keep adding to it. I happen to think the song is genius because it's damn catchy and yet there's no way the original song could be the out-and-out hit it deserves to be. (Who knows what will happen with the edited version titled "Forget You.") In other words, I won't get sick of this song as I did with the radio overplay that ruined "Crazy" or "Hey Ya," and for that I am thankful.

Let's break down the rest of the Internets, bullet-point style:

Lastly, the "proper" video is funny too.

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