Sunday, July 04, 2010

Song of the Week 7/2/10

Elton John - "Rocket Man"

These three things happened in a span of 14 hours, making this Sir Elton classic an obvious SOTW choice:

1) I met Bunnie England's drummer Scott at Bonnies in Park Slope for a pre-gig dinner. "Rocket Man" came on as we were getting ready to leave, which caused Scott to mention that he thought "Rocket Man" was a great karaoke song. Alas, it's too piano based for us to tackle.

2) I got home from the gig and put on CBS-FM. They didn't have their Fourth of July A to Z countdown going overnight, instead sticking with their usual syndicate show Rewind with Gary Bryan. That show was doing a flashback to man landing on the moon and they played a special remix of "Rocket Man" that utilized clips from the July 1969 launch and landing.

3) This morning I'm listening to CBS-FM as I installed a new router and did some paperwork cleanup. The countdown was in the R's, and of course "Rocket Man" came on again.

If Old 97s break out a cover of it in a few hours at South Street Seaport, I'm totally going to freak out.

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