Thursday, April 01, 2010

Song of the Week 3/26/10

Nada Surf - "What Is Your Secret"

I wanted to write pages upon pages about the joy that Nada Surf brought to my life last week when they did Let Go and The Weight is a Gift in their entirety over back to back nights at Bowery Ballroom and The Bell House. But this week has f-ing sucked and that part of my brain isn't coming around for a bit, me thinks. So I'll just say the Weight night was the better of the two and I chose "What is Your Secret" just because of the obvious joy The Long Winters' John Roderick got from replicating his incredible backing vocals from the album in a live setting. Such fun.

Thanks Matthew, Ira, Daniel and to all the musicians that helped them bring these albums to life. It was, no doubt, two of the best nights of my year.

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