Friday, March 05, 2010

Song of the Week 3/5/10

Joni Mitchell - "Car on a Hill"

I've been meaning to reacquire 1974's Court and Spark lo these many years after I sold it during one of my apartment purges (or moves). I finally got around to it this week (gotta love the $1 used cds on Amazon) and I was stunned by how many songs I knew really well. I realized that all of Mitchell's songs that I knew very well--and more importantly, heard on WFUV for more than a decade--were from Court and Spark. I thought about this when I listened to "car on a Hill" on my commute home Wednesday night. Sure enough, I switch to WFUV Thursday morning and "Car on a Hill" comes on just as I'm about to pop my pills. Weird.

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