Sunday, March 01, 2009

Song of the Week 2/27/09

The Bears - "Trust"

Oh, I love when a holy grail is finally available. I've been wanting to get The Bears self-titled debut album for about 14 years now. The "hit" single "Fear Is Never Boring" is one of my favorite songs of the 1980s (and maybe ever). Yet it's been out of print for a long, long time. Finally EMI has dug through their vaults this year and released a bunch of out-of-print stuff from I.R.S. Records digitally. So you better believe I marked down on my calendar the exact date this album was going to be available on iTunes. (Actually, I bought it on Amazon, but who's counting.) And it's just as much of a pop masterpiece as I remembered. Singer-guitarist Adrian Belew and Rob Fetters create some excellent harmonies, and both lay down some fantastic solos in the context of these great pop tunes.

I must admit I had totally forgotten that "Trust" was the very first single from The Bears. And damn, what a great song. See for yourself:

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